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Do you have questions about our products?

We will be happy to provide answers regarding our offer of printing wallpapers, photo wallpapers and decorative textiles for home and office. If you are wondering what type of material and finish will be right for you, just do not hesitate and call us or send an e-mail inquiry. We try to provide professional support as quickly as possible. We truly believe that our personalized printed products will meet your expectations. Do you need a consultation? We are here to provide professional support!

Choose something for yourself!

Use our library and search for your motif from millions of available designs. Choose a pattern of exotic jungle flowers or a stylish and minimalist pattern from the North. Choose the topic, colors and material. Need any size? Yes, at Dekoala, personalizing dimensions is a standard option available for most products.

Unique and selected materials!

The ability to select any design is a huge advantage of our products. Order the perfect composition that suits your tastes. Our offer includes the most popular photo wallpapers and home textiles such as pillows, blankets and curtains. We are constantly trying to expand our portfolio and expand the database of available materials. We are convinced that you will find something for yourself here!

Contact us to discuss the details!

If you are not sure whether the products from our offer will meet your expectations, we encourage you to contact us directly. We will be happy to answer all your questions. We are sure that you will find something especially for you in our extensive design library. We print all wallpapers, photo wallpapers and decorative fabrics on certified materials and using the latest technologies with a sustainable impact on the natural environment and with low water consumption.

Our products are safe for health.​

At Dekolala we don't compromise. We know that you are looking for a unique product with a unique design, but above all, manufactured with respect for the natural environment. Most of the materials we use to produce personalized wallpapers and photo wallpapers have the Hygienic Certificate, textile materials have the OEKO-TEX certificate, and inks and dyes have the ECO-PASSPORT certificate.

Proven printing technologies mean saturated and juicy colours.

We use proven printing solutions that guarantee deeply saturated and durable colors that will definitely change your interior. We print only using original and certified technologies. This gives us confidence that your decorations will have high lightfastness and adequate resistance during use.