We try to constantly update our machinery, using solutions from the best suppliers. We are supported by leaders in the decoration industry, who guarantee the highest quality and safe and sustainable technologies.

In the process of producing wallpapers, photo wallpapers and textile decorations, we use digital technologies that ensure the highest quality, the ability to print on a wide range of substrates and allow us to offer the shortest lead times. Printing techniques are characterized by varying durability to external conditions, maximum print format and available range of substrates. Dekoala is a manufacturer of wallpapers, wall murals and personalized decorations that uses latex and sublimation printing technologies. These are proven and safe printing solutions with minimal water consumption. We use materials dedicated and certified for safe use.


Odorless and ecological latex printing offers the highest quality at 1200 dpi resolution and unprecedented color repeatability thanks to the built-in spectrophotometer.

Safe application of latex prints is possible in any type of interior, including public buildings such as hospitals, schools or hotels. The prints retain their colors, resistance to water and light for 5 years indoors, and for 3 to 5 years outdoors. Latex printing is characterized by relatively high abrasion resistance, and the inks are flexible and stretchable.

Latex technology prints have the following certificates:

  • GREENGUARD Children & School
  • Sustainable Green Printing Nordic
  • Ecolabel


UVgel technology is exceptionally precise and deeply saturated printing of wallpapers, self-adhesive foils, posters and decorations. Canon Colorado is a unique and innovative solution for large-format printing of roll materials used in advertising and home decor applications. It is a proven and award-winning technology for printing decorative graphics for home, office, school and public entities.

Exceptional resolution and durability.

Graphics printed using this technology are exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage. UVgel printing is durable, color consistent and repeatable in the colors obtained. This is a printing technology dedicated to the production of wallpapers and photo wallpapers that meet the highest standards.

UVgel technology prints have the following certificates:

  • GREENGUARD Gold A+ Indoor
  • Emissions M1 Cert for Building Materials
  • ASTM certified


The technology uses odorless, environmentally friendly inks. Sublimation printing is used to print on polyester fabrics. The print is fixed in a calender at a temperature of approximately 200° C, thanks to which it is characterized by a wide range and deep color saturation as well as resistance to external conditions.

Durable decorations and fascinating colours.

In the process of fixing sublimation printing, the pigment is permanently bonded to the polyester fabric as a result of high temperature. The sublimation process makes the prints exceptionally resistant and can be washed at low temperatures using mild detergents. Additionally, printed decorative fabrics are characterized by exceptionally saturated colors.


This is one of the most important elements of finishing fabrics printed at Dekoala, which requires patience and precision. We cut decorative textiles with special shapes according to dies using digital CNC plotters. Our sewing room gives the final look to your printed decorations by combining all the pattern elements.

Strong and perfect stitch.

When sewing, we use only the strongest polyester threads. We sew printed blankets, pillows and curtains using a lockstitch stitch, which is exceptionally strong and guarantees durability for a long time.


At Dekoala, we print in the best way possible, i.e. using safe technologies and on proven and certified materials. However, printing is not everything. Our wallpapers, photo wallpapers and canvas paintings also need a perfect finish.


Sometimes wallpapers require additional protection, so our offer includes the option of laminate finishing. The wallpaper printed and protected in this way will be durable for a long period of use and ready for further care.

Canvas picture framing.

The graphics are printed on textured fabric material with the structure of a painting canvas and stretched onto a wooden face. The effect is an exceptionally valuable painting that will have a natural and modern look, but above all, you can match it to your interior, because you can order the canvas in many sizes.